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DJ Alex Reyes Entertainment

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City of Fremont CA Business Lic# 085869

The Company offers Mobile Disc Jockey / Sound Reinforcement services . This is defined as a mobile DJ service representative that owns sound and lighting equipment with intent to produce live entertainment events with music, narration, and environmental adjustments.

Quotes and estimates are based on information provided by the client. The base rate for all standard events shall be no less than $150 dollars per hour.Weddings and other events that are more labor intensive shall be quoted accordingly based on date, location, number of guests, and equipment required. Quotes are to be considered only estimates and can change prior to contract signing.

A signed performance contract is ALWAYS required before an event booking is finalized, regardless of if a deposit is required. They are due no later than 30days after an estimate has been issued. For quotes that do not require an up-front deposit, they can be sent in via e-mail or online.

However, if your quote states that you must submit a deposit, it shall be collected either in-person or through Square. All events unless otherwise stated. The deposit goes toward the final cost of the event and is non-refundable.

Unless otherwise stated, payment of services for your event is due the day-of. Clients may pay by


*Credit / Debit card

Upon receipt of payment and the signed Performance Agreement, the client will immediately be notified via e-mail with confirmation. If payment is not received after 30 business days from the quote, it will be assumed the client wishes to cancel the transaction unless they notify the Company via voice via e-mail or telephone. Any remaining payment due will be collected at the event unless the cancellation policy is violated.

Requests to cancel an event must be received no later than 72 hours prior to the start of the event, otherwise the full contract balance will be due. Requests must be received in writing via e-mail AND telephone. The cancellation policy will only be waived under circumstances such as weather.

IF the Company is unable to provide the service due to extenuating circumstances, the client will be notified immediately and a FULL refund will be issued. The Company will also offer assistance with rescheduling or booking an alternative DJ that fits the budget. This policy is designed to protect both client and service provider. The Company reserves rights to exercise this policy on a case-by-case basis.

It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure the venue offers protection against wind, water, and fire damage. This includes but is not limited to: ground fault interrupters, tents, plastic tarps, fire extinguishers, etc. If a venue is deemed not appropriate, the Company reserves the right to make any adjustments through due diligence but does reserve the right to stop the performance at any time if the environment prevents safe operation of electrical equipment.

All common hazards must be kept away from the DJ stage area. This includes animals, small children, and ANY beverages or food that could be spilled. For normal operation, most configurations require a dedicated 3-prong outlet capable of at least 20 Amps. Larger configurations may require more power, which must be available at the venue. For more information, consult your sales representative.

Any equipment damaged due to lack of protection from water, fire, wind, or human hazards will be the sole responsibility of the client to cover the cost of repairing or replacing the broken equipment.

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